Rob Waygood is a Senior Psychotherapist, Mentor, Coach, Supervisor and Dream seer – in practice for 37 years.

Being an intuitive and feeling type, and yet with extensive academic credentials, Rob engages with his clients in a direct and kind way. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of psychotherapy and the transpersonal. He can work eclectically: either in the deep transference relationship; or as a guide and gatekeeper to his client’s rite of passage through to a new way of living their life.

As a Mentor, Coach and Supervisor, Rob simultaneously supports and challenges his client’s understanding and experience. Predominantly relaxed and encouraging in style he nevertheless enables his clients to work at deep levels of awareness. He is a hopemonger, elder and dream seer (who loves working with dreams yet avoids interpreting them).    Rob Waygood practices in a quiet private clinic in East Oxford.