Mentoring & Coaching

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Mentoring on everyday work, home and personal issues
Leadership and life coaching
Professional development
Team and Group Dynamics

Mentoring and Coaching from a transpersonal perspective.  This means both involving the everyday practicalities of work and home, but also looking beyond toward the deeper more unconscious and symbolic meaning behind the known thoughts, feelings and sensations.   Support and being heard usually followed by immediate pragmatic advice, together with a deeper transpersonal perspective on the following:

Home – practical daily life in family and relationship issues

Work – how to deal with group and team dynamics, and employer/employee and line
management issues. Including bullying at work and work ethics.

Home – how to build a more sustainable/carbon friendly, green auditing perspective
into one’s everyday living.

Work – supervision of others in the work place.

Personal – through life crises and transitions such as: loss of meaning, loss of role,
change in family structure, separation and divorce, professional misconduct,

Personal – creativity blocks and crises

Academic – support and structure in academic endeavour. Including preparing and
organising academic papers, articles, books and theses, and interaction with
ones colleagues.

Two Coaching References about Rob Waygood
Geoff O’Donoghue is Operations Director of one of the UK’s leading humanitarian charities that works in more than 60 countries worldwide, tackling poverty and injustice.    Geoff writes: “Rob’s immense value for me lies in his ability to simultaneously support and challenge my sensing, understanding and interpretation of my experience. His great capacity to move fluidly between the consideration of life patterns and the universal dimensions of human experience on the one hand, and their meaning and application in my work, organisations and in my personal life, has consistently supported my own growth in these areas. Add to this Rob’s capacity for humour, patience and generosity and you have a wonderful mentor and coach – something he lives, not something he learned from a book.    Rob has been a coach/mentor for me over my many years as a self-employed consultant and now as a senior manager in an international charity. I also undertook (and would recommend) his short courses in transpersonal psychology.

Inner Vision is run by Peter Harty, who is one of the UK’s pre-eminent performance coaches, with over 10,000 hours of direct coaching to his name. He provides companies and their senior executive with a professional performance coaching programme and has worked with some of the UK’s leading Blue-chip organisations over the past ten years.    Peter Harty says: “I found working with Rob as my coach was a thoroughly rewarding experience and as a result of the time we worked together he offered me some very helpful and workable ideas that has helped me to take my own work to a higher level. To me Rob can offer a “safe” environment to work in and with his relaxed and encouraging style helps to allow the client to work at a deeper level of awareness and thereby gain a lot from each session. I thoroughly recommend him as a professional coach.